E.A. Afarameyev's WIG/shuttle combo


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13 February 2006
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Anybody has some info about this? Seems to me like part of two of long-term Oryol concepts.


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It is a WIG vehicle designed by E.A. Afarameyev, for the launch of a space shuttle. Some basic data: wingspan 80m , take-off weight 750t, powered by six turbojets rated at 30000-35000 kgp, and two diesels for movement on water. Separation at 30000 m. The shuttle is also supposed to land on the airborne WIG (!). In general, the system is trying to achieve landing and launching flexibility, without the need for airstrips all over the world. More discussion (but sadly, no more photos) on Sergey Komissarov' s "Russia's ekranoplans", p. 78-9.
Sergey Komissarov' s "Russia's ekranoplans", p. 78-9.

There is a pic of the WIG/Suttle on page 79. A nice side view from the same model in Matej's post.

Frm page 78 text:

Aframeyev is the author of an article in the April 2001 issue of Russian mag Aviation and Space Herald. No reference to the actual originator of the design. No information about timeframe on the book. :(
No mention of time-frame in Komissarov's book (which is full of projects, and hence highly recommended). It would be surprising if it were before the early-late nineties. Interestingly, support of space operations is one of the missions also suggested for the gigantic Be-2500. At Beriev, they call it "Maritime Space Complex".

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