Custom Lego Models of Concepts from this Forum

.Tyler H

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Nov 22, 2014
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Hi all,

To introduce myself, I have been a Lego builder for years and I have always had a love for military aircraft. When I joined the online Lego community last year a builder showed me this awesome website and it's concepts have been an inspiration for many of my builds. I saw that many of the people here are very interested in models of the concepts here so I thought to myself, "I could build them custom Lego models." And so, here I am. If you want to see an example of my building skills here is my Flickr:

Here is some info on the models I would sell.

The model's prices would vary depending on size, scale, color scheme, and complexity. The price for a 50 to 60 stud long fighter would probably cost around 700 to 900 US dollars. This price is entirely justified even though it might seem expensive. For instance, the website Brickmania sells models of military vehicles, the average WWII tank (such as a panzer) goes for about 450 dollars. Now a plane which I would be selling would: A. be completely custom, B. be larger, and C. be more complex meaning that the cost range of 700-900 US dollars is very reasonable. Obviously the cost will be completely dependent upon the model itself but I will try and keep the cost under 950 US dollars.

The scale of the model will also be dependent upon the actual concepts size. The normal scale I build in is where 1 stud is 1 foot in real life. If someone wanted a custom model of a bomber it would be in a smaller scale such as 1:100 to allow it to stay cheap, structurally sound, and quick to build.

I would prefer the color scheme of the model to be light grey, black, dark grey, or white because other colors don't have near as large of a part selection for building, especially the "camo" colors such as dark green and brown. The model being build in these colors would also mean it would cost less.

Here is the process of how they would be sold for those who are interested:

1. Someone who is interested in buying a model would send me some photos (preferably 3-views) of a concept from this forum.

2. I would then proceed to build a custom model of whatever concept they show me in whatever scale would make the model under the size of 70 studs. The reason for this size is so that it is A. cheaper for them and me and B. it would make shipping easier and cheaper.

3. I would then put the model into Lego Digital Designer and make instructions. This would mean that the buyer would have to get LDD from Lego's website to see the instructions, but since it is free this would not pose too much of a problem.

4. I would send them the model, in a taken apart state along with a USB containing the LDD file with the instructions.

Please let me know below if you are interested!

.Tyler H