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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

look at this project from Curtiss-Wright. I have only the pic, without any information. Can anybody help?

Servus Maveric


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Journal, American Aviation Historical Society/Fall 1996 pg 176

For the larger types, the all lifting nature of all airframe components would be a bonus during take-off and landing. A somewhat spectacular cargo transport configuration was projected by Curtiss-Wright. Following the basic Model 24 tail-first layout, the design featured a large double-deck fuselage and four pusher propellers, two behind each wing. While wind tunnel models for this design were built and tested, none of them entered hardware development.

(Received that info recently from master Lark ;))

The pic you post, Maverik, I think it was published in US Magazine "Wings" in the 90's. I'll try to give issue and page if I can find it.
Following the basic Model 24 tail-first layout

Sorry, I forgot to mention that Model 24 is the XP-55 fighter. The CW P.274 is one of the projects based in the knowledge adquired at Curtiss Wright with the XP-55 program.
I suspect they also learned with not to do. I've done a stability and control analysis, for a graduate class, of the wind tunnel data for the XP-55 and it makes me shudder; that's one nasty customer to fly.

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