Curtiss CW-20 Commercial Aircraft Project

Wasn't the prototype design of the C-46 twin-tailed? Maybe its forerunner.
That is the Curtiss CW-20 which did indeed become better known as the C-46.
Nothing 'unknown' about it.

Looks like there's a photo of the C-46 forerunner, the Curtiss CW-20 mock-up, twin-tail and all (well, at least one half of it), at the San Diego Air & Space Museum (SDASM) Flickr photostream. As per aerofiles (link) it appears this photo was taken at the 1939 World's Fair in Queens, New York.

anther early drawing to Curtiss-Wright CW-20.


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Hesham, is this final drawing from Curtiss files or is it a European "guess" at what the aircraft would look like?

Thanks in advance.

The drawing is created by the magazine in question. No details as to whether its based on an original drawing.
These may be of interest. -SP


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My dear Alan,

the CW-20 was displayed to the public first time at 1939,so the two drawings
from Flightglobal (1938) and Flugsport (1938) are just a good speculation or
very close d drawing to the aircraft actually built.
Paul, Steve and Hesham,

Thanks for the quick comeback. I could not imagine that monstrosity was an official document - not even for Curtiss!

Steve, very nice images. I see one of them is from my friend Dave Ostrowski. The man has a magnificent collection even now and is generous to a fault.

While not a huge student of transports in any era, I still love seeing these photos, drawings and reading new information.

Many thanks!



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I'm not see "figure-eight" (or "double-bubble") at CW-20T. It is very strange. Or not?
The visible crease in the C-46's fuselage was faired over in the CW-20 prototype. In use, any performance gains because of a more streamlined shape were negligible. The fairings didn't make it to the C-46. Slightly cheaper to build that way.
<edit> 'Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947' by Peter M Bowers, Putnam 1979, states all C-46 production aircraft retained a fairing over the fuselage crease 'for a small portion over the very rear '.
From Aero Digest 1939.


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