County-Class, Seaslugs, and UFOs - oh my!


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29 September 2006
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I was watching an episode of the 70's TV Show UFO the other day, entitled "Destruction" - and was amazed to see the sheer amount of footage of County-Class Destroyers and their main weapon, the Seaslug Missile.

There's footage of missiles getting loaded and fired, and some footage of what may be magazine mechanisms. Also in the show is footage of a Tiger-Class, possibly letting rip with main guns broadside and a rear view of a Type 12 of some variety. Of course, all the footage is supposed to be of one ship - in a homage to the 'different aircraft in every shot' routine beloved of TV and Film Directors perhaps ;)

I was able to find Youtube links to the episode, and so here they are:

5:23 - 7:34, stage footage interspersed with footage from an RN Operations Room.
7:35 - 8:05 Seaslug traveling through tunnel, to launcher, and footage of a firing - interspersed with stage footage.

6:06 - 6:10, brief footage of Type 12 from rear quarter.
9:33 - 9:36 front overhead shot of a Tiger-Class Cruiser.

1:02 - 1:15 Crew entering 6 inch gun turret, Seaslug loading into launcher and launcher train.
1:51 - 1:56 Broadside Seaslug launch.
2:19 - 2:27 Seaslug and magazine shots.
2:41 - 2:44, 3:17 - 3:20 Tiger 6 inch guns & firing (? possibly stock gun footage),
5:49 -5:52 side shot of a County Class.

Brings back memories...loved all those Gerry & Sylvia Anderson TV shows, both the Supermarionation shows (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet) and the live action ones (UFO, Space 1999).
Oh, yeah...UFO - propper telly!

(who still has his UFO interceptor WITH missile and in box)
My UFO Interceptor and SHADO Mobile were lost in action :(

They did take on a lot of U-fos though ;D

(Strangely enough my Interceptor was lime green for some reason!)
So was mine, with paper decals that didn't
match the paint colour...


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