Consolidated Model 31/XP4Y-1 Corregidor. 3-view sought ....



Does anyone have a drawing of this aircraft in any of its permutations?

I'm looking at modelling the Model 31 as built and the Model 38 project (Model 31 wings, engines and empennage on a B-24D fuselage)
so any drawing would be helpful.

Thanks, Jon
From "Fliegerrevue" :


  • Consolidated_XP4Y-1_01.JPG
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There was a little better drawing in Czech magazine L+K (Letectvi+Kosmonautika) No. 16-1991. I can scan it this week, if you can wait. It isn't large and detailed too, but at least it has bottom view and some cross-sections.
Not really a good, nor very clear photo, nevertheless, here
it is :
(from "Flugzeuge von A - Z, Bd.2")


  • Consolidated_XP4Y-1_02.JPG
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I supose you have seen
redstar72 said:
There was a little better drawing in Czech magazine L+K (Letectvi+Kosmonautika) No. 16-1991. I can scan it this week, if you can wait. It isn't large and detailed too, but at least it has bottom view and some cross-sections.

That would be great, thanks much.

Here is a fairly good side-view shot in full military trim for saturncanuck:


Putnam, General Dynamics Aircraft and their Predecessors, John Wegg.

nice looking birdy with an attitude
Jon, In William Green's War Planes of the Second World War Vol.5, there is a small sideview of the Model 31 as originally flown -- ie: no up-turn to rear fuselage, add-on chines, or turrets, and smaller tip floats.

I'm curious about your comment on the empennage. Since the Model 31 and Model 32 Liberator were designed in tandem, I'd assumed that the twin tails and Davis wings were identical (other than engine and float fittings). Is that not the case? Or was this Model 38 essentially to be a twin-engined B-24?
The model 31,later spawned an interesting offspring: the Model 38.
Marrying the wing R-3350 engine package and tailsurfaces from the
Model 31 to a standart B-24D fuselage with modified armament.
CAC offered the result to the US Navy as a land-based search attack aircraft.
Although it did not progress beyond the study stage, he Model 38 was
in effect, a twin-engined B-24.

so far:'B-24 Liberator' Allan G.Blue-Ian Allan .London.1976.
Thanks Lark! That seems to confirm that the Model 31/38 tail surfaces were indeed different from those of the Liberator.
Here is that promised Czech drawing of the XP4Y-1 and a color profile of the same aircraft from the same magazine.


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Reading the Consolidated Model 31 chapter in 'General Dynamics Aircraft
and their Predecessors' John Wegg-Putnam ,mention was made that many
alternative Model 31's were studied.
One was a replacement for the PBY dated August 1938,another a luxury Air Yacht
for five crew and six passengers (December 1938)
The BM-14 variant was a bomber with three power turrets and R-2800 engines
proposed in April 1940.

Is there anybody who have's more info about these proposals?
(Illustrations or other documentation)

Much thanks in advance.
In the 1950s Fleet Aircraft of Fort Erie, Ontario signed a deal to produce the Doman LZ-5 helicopter in Canada, if it was ever ordered by the Canadian government. My father was part of the military team evaluating the helicopter in the summer of 1956. Many press stories at the time described the helicopter evaluated as "Canadian built" or even "Canadian designed", but all my research shows it was probably just the US built prototype with Canadian markings. Take a look at for information on CF-IBG.
Not adding much to what has already been shared. I scanned a few Model 31 images during a recent visit to NARA II.
These repeat the flicker linked images but are a little larger.


  • 72-AC-108-C31-168-Consolidated-Model-31-19410507_1.jpg
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A few more of my NARA RG 72 scans


  • 72-AC-108-C31-037-Consolidated-Model-31-19390515.jpg
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  • 72-AC-108-C31-036-Consolidated-Model-31-19390515.jpg
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Great pics, thanks!

Just to add a little something to this thread, a little compilation of the Model 31 in Popular Aviation/Flying:


  • Popular Aviation, January 1940.jpg
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  • Popular Aviation, June 1940 a.jpg
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  • Popular Aviation, June 1940 b.jpg
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  • Flying, July 1943.jpg
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WhiteDemon said:
Hi, this is the other 3-view of the hidro...

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in the Wikipedia site,they mention the Fleet company,which was a division od
Consolidated Aircraft Corporation,it designed a Helicopter,and I don't know
what was it ?.

May be they meant the Consolidated Autogyro from my dear Scott's site;

but this concept was from Consolidated itself and not from Fleet company.
The aircraft in this image is actually a project for an autogyro variant of the Consolidated P4Y Corregidor patrol flying bomber. The artist's rendering of the P4Y autogyro variant can be found on page 49 of the book Convair Advanced Designs: Secret Projects from San Diego 1923-1962.
Some very, very basic info on Glidden Sweet “Glid” Doman and his helicopters can be found in the following chatty texts


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