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Competition of the XF-104(WS-303A)


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Feb 2, 2006
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Hi All!
Give a short history of this competition:
12 December, 1952---Issued a General Operational Requirement on December 12, 1952 for a lightweight air-superiority fighter to replace the North American F-100 in the Tactical Air Command beginning in 1956.
Submitted by: Lockheed L-246, North American NA-211, Northrop N-102 and Republic submitted its Model AP-55, based on its XF-91 Thunderceptor.
January, 1953---Lockheed's proposal was selected.
12 March, 1953---A letter contract for two prototypes was issued under Weapon System 303A (WS-303A).
Source: From http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_fighters/f104_1.html---Last revised December 5, 1999

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But as it is not hard to believe that the draft AP-55 participated in this competition; I looked at the following sources---Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913, Am. Combat Planes and The Am. Fighter, but there was no such information and while others are here I do not have. If anyone can say about the AP-55 in which the source said.
I personally think so: or a typo or a true AP-55 was involved, but the project did not profit the development of XF-91 is a completely new project, which we already know.
What can you say in this opinion?

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