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Mar 6, 2009
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VERY interesting site. (I used the search to look to see if this link had been posted before but came up empty, if it has I apologize)

From the site:
"The Library

Cold War Weapon, Space, and Other System Costs"
Abstract Revised 9/2/10​
This Site Provides:a free library of historical cost estimates of weapon, space, and other systems and components planned, developed, procured, and operated during the Cold War by the United States and its Allies. The selected systems comprise mostly DOD acquisition programs, also many NASA programs, some foreign military programs, and some major manufacturing company programs.

Sources: are based on popular trade magazines and newspaper clippings, research reports, and cost and budget studies by prominent organizations, and U. S. Congressional Hearings.

Development: of the database was started informally in the 1950/1960s by several cost estimators. By 1980, it contained over 1,000 card records, mostly handwritten, some typed. Each card presented a system cost or budget estimate, plus supporting information, excerpts, technical engineering details, and the source document title, publishing organization, and date. The collection of these cards was filed away in boxes, stored for thirty years, and only recently discovered. The cards are being converted to digital format to form the database of the library. They now total 1,184, and when finished will be about 1,500 organized into 16 PDF groups of similar kinds of functional systems.

Objective: is to provide a free public service for historical research and cost educational purposes."

The site as noted provides references and sources for the estimated costs, projected costs, and cited costs of various weapons systems as well as engine, subsystems and other components of various systems, vehicles, aircraft and launch vehicles.


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