Civil aircraft are boring?

last time some one made stunts with a Civil jetliner
was back in 1950s with prototype of Boeing 707

There are photos on from an airshow in Brazil a couple of years ago. They show a Varig Boeing 727 performing very-low altitude flyovers. I tried to post links, but seems to be having technical issues. If you want to check them out, do a search for the registry PP-VQU.
A stealthy airliner ? So your mother-in-law can arrive absolutely unexpected, or something ? :eek:
Jemiba said:
A stealthy airliner ?

If a stealthy configuration somehow makes an especially good airliner, due presumably to aerodynamics, it can be made non-stealthy easily enough. Corner reflectors, either added onto the surface (like was done on the F-117), or built under radar-transparent skins, or even added to the paint, would make it light up like a flying battleship.
Then I can rest assured ! ;)

And I know, that the claim ".. the first airliner optimized for radar cross section!" wasn't meant
like that, although "one way for airlines to get around slot restrictions at LHR" seems to be a
good idea ! ;D

Nevertheless, as a military transport it makes much more sense to me, especially as airlines
don't generally have the reputation of being fans of "revolutionary" designs. And in this field,
a flying wing still would be revolutionary.

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