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Charles Senemaud Aircraft & Projects


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May 26, 2006
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Here is all of Senemaud aircraft;

Mr. Charles Senemaud designed a C.1,it was a single seat fighter
forward-swept biplane of 1918,powered by one 300 hp Hispani-
Suiza 8F engine for contest of this year,followed by H.1,a two-
seat coastal patrol flying boat of 1918,powered by one 200 hp
Hispano-Suiza engine,also in 1918 appeared the H.2,it was a three-
seat military biplane flying boat Project,powered by two 300 hp
Hispano-Suiza engines.

In 1926 Mr. Bourgois hired him,and a series of light airplanes,such
as AT-1,AT-35,AT-40,AT-50 & Type-10 were raised as a civil modern
concepts aeroplanes,finally, in 1936, Charles Senemaud built a light
airplane in Montreuil,a two-seater,this machine was the product of
crossing of a Pou du Ciel two-seater offbeat and a single seat airplane
normal. The front wing, without fin, with dihedral, had a wingspan
of 7.50 m. The rear, important, was supportive and fitted with a depth
flap,the aircraft had a large rudder. The piloting was qualified as
"simplified".The aircraft was to receive a 35/40 hp engine.
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Jul 25, 2007
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So, in the Bourgois-Sénémaud series, we have:

AT 50 - (Project) sesquiplane seaplane on floats
- AT 50: 1 x 50 cv Anzani 3-cyl 'fan', span (??) m
-- aka AM 50 (??), remained unbuilt

AT 35 - 1928 2-seat tandem light parasol tourer, x 1
- AT.35: 1 x 35 cv Anzani 3A2 3-cyl, span 8.85 m

AT 40 - 1929 2-seat tandem light parasol tourer, x 3*
- AT.40: 1 x 40 cv Salmson 9Ad 9 cyl., span 8.85 m
-- * 2 original constructions, 1 x AT.35 conversion
-- aka Bourgois-Sénemaud AT 1, aka Bourgois-Salmson
-- https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k65546411/f3
-- https://1000aircraftphotos.com/Contributions/Shumaker/10534L.jpg
-- 3v: http://www.airwar.ru/image/idop/law1/at1/at1-2.gif

BT - 1929/'30 2-seat tandem low-wing monoplane tourer, x 1
- BT : 1 x 100 cv Michel AM 14 4-cyl. inline, span 11.00 m
-- Sole Bourgois-Sénémaud BT was never flown
-- https://www.aviafrance.com/image.php?im=9891
- BT 20: Alternative designation for BT (TU 161)
-- Projected/unbuilt BT variants: BTF, BM, and MMF
-- See hesham's reply #3

Wikipedia describes Bernard Bourgois as a "well-known French coachbuilder". Other sources say that Bourgois was an industrialist who had license-built other aircraft design. Desirous of building original designs, he hired Charles Sénémaud (which Avia France spells as 'Sénemaud').

L'Aéronautique (Mai 1929 No 120, page 170) gives the designation style as a punctuation-heavy "A.T.-1"

Golden Years of Aviation seems to list the AT.40 as some form of type 10. F-AJIM is given as a "Bourgois-Senemaud 10" with c/n 3 and registered in 1929. F-AJJC is listed as a (sic) "Bourgeois-Senemand 10 AT 40" with c/n 02, registered in 1929. (That same name misspelling shows up on a model plan for F-AJIM.)

Quoting Golden Years, Wikipedia notes the "Bourgois-Senemaud 10" but fails to note the misspelled "Bourgeois-Senemand 10 AT 40" listed below that.
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Jul 25, 2007
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From TU 161,

there was also BT-20.

En 1929, fut réalisée une machine biplace en tandem à ailes basses repliables dotée d'un moteur Michel AM 14 de 100 ch. Elle était désignée BT20. Des projets de dérivés de cet avion aurait été imaginés sous la désignation BTF, BM et MMF. L'auteur n'en sait pas davantage.


Sauf indications particulières, les documents de cet article proviennent des achives du Musée de l'Air.

Deus vues de BOURGEOIS-SEMENAUD [sic] BT 20


Roughly: In 1929, a tandem two-seater aircraft was produced with low, folding wings and a 100 hp Michel AM 14 engine. This aircraft was designated BT 20. Projected derivatives of this aircraft envisioned would have been under the designations BTF, BM, and MMF. The author knows no more.


Unless otherwise specified, the documents in this article come from the archives of the Musée de l'Air.

Two views of BOURGEOIS-SEMENAUD [sic] BT 20

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