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overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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The "Scale Modelling, Fan Art and Profiles" forum is now renamed "Scale Modelling, CGI and Profiles". This reflects its original intention of this section which was to provide a space for users to post their own "unofficial" depictions of real projects, not to provide a space to post your own fantasy creations or such items found on the net.

Any topics about such themes should only be posted in "The Bar", and will be kept only if they appear likely to be of interest to the forum members, as is true of any off-topic discussions in "The Bar". They should be clearly labelled as [Fake] or [Fantasy] in the topic name, if the topic originator knows it is made up when posting.

Topics posted elsewhere that are found to be about known fake or fantasy subjects will be tagged and moved to the bar by the Admin team.

This measure is not directed at any individuals, but aims to prevent us being used to legitimise dubious fakes or fan art as real.

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