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Châtelain Aircraft List


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May 26, 2006
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Mr. Armand Châtelain was a French designer,born in 1913,and he created two aircraft at first,looks like
the Mignet « Poux du Ciel »,

AC.1 was a light tandem wing aircraft,actually built,1936
AC.2 was also a light tandem wing aircraft,I don't know if it built or not,1936
AC.3 was a high-wing monoplane,with two pairs of V-shaped masts and a 35 hp Poinsard engine,1938
AC.4 was a co-operation with SECAT company to built S.VI Mouette
AC.5 Bijou was a two-seat cabin high-wing light and tourist monoplane,powered by one 75 hp Minie 4.DC.32 engine,1956
AC.6 was the same as Piel CP301 "Emerald".
AC.7 was a developed version of AC.5,had a three seats and powered by 1150 hp Lycoming O235-C engine
AC.8 was a Project,remained in drawing board only
AC.9 was a developed version of AC.5,had three/four seats,powered by 150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine
AC.10 was a two-seat low-wing homebuilt monoplane,powered by one 90 hp Rolls-Royce/Continental engine
AC.11 was a two-seat monoplane,developed from AC.10,but powered by one 100 hp Continental engine
AC.12 was a single seat sesqui biplane,looks like Mignet « Poux du Ciel »,powered by one Volkswagen engine
Châtelain 2000 was a single seat low-wing ultra light monoplane,powered by one engine

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