CGI models for flight sims?


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10 April 2007
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Hi, i'm new to these forums. the information here is really incredible. I was looking at the CGI models and was wondering if the models could be converted to Microsoft Flight Simulation or X-plane compatable modles? Thank you for your time.
They probably could, but they would require alot of work as there are poly limitations for FS and the flight control surfaces would have to be animated along with the landing gear. Then you would have to make the panels, program the gauges (unless you're using existing gauges) and build the VC (Virtual Cockpit). Then you would have to develop an FDE for it. I'm speaking of MSFS and I'm part of a team that develops planes for MSFS, just an FYI.
Thakn you for your responce, there are many planes that very few know about that imo many would love to see in MS Flight Sim.
If you can get the CGI into 3D applications such as AC3D or Blender, they can easily be exported as 'inanimate' objects to X-plane. X-plane is pretty similar to MSFS (There isn't a much third party scenery and aircraft available), but is multi-platform and has a more advanced flight model.

Once in x-plane's plane-maker, you'd need to build a plane roughly similar, but texture it with a transparent bitmap so you can see the CGI beneath. Building a plane can be complex - but if you match the model (and the real plane worked) then it's just a case of getting the balance correct - cockpit, control surfaces landing gear etc are relatively straight forward. It's relatively easy, but would take about 2/3 man-days to do, and about 3 months to build up the knowledge.

On the x-plane forum, there's an aircraft request page where charitable developers could make a plane for you.

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