Carl Roe Variable-Geometry (Folding-/ Retractable-Wing) Patent 1942 (US2410239).



Patent for variable-geometry aircraft: biplane on take-off / landing but featuring an upper wing which can be retracted for high-speed flight - here illustrated as applied to a bomber-type design.
Both wings of very different planforms and aerofoil sections: “The speed wings are preferably short, stubby wings of small area, with correspondingly high wing loading and of low camber to provide maximum lift with minimum drag-at the high speed for which they are intended. The high lift wings are preferably of greater area and higher camber to provide maximum lift at the lower take-off and landing speeds.”
Filed by one Carl Roe 20th November 1942,


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Thanks, Hesham.
I did like Roe's idea of not only changing between biplane and monoplane but also changing the planform, the aspect-ratio and the aerofoil section all at once. While Roe's idea would probably have been complicated and heavy to implement (plus running the risk of asymmetric wing-folding), it sits quite well with actual VG designs like Makhonine's telescopic wings and the Nikitin-Shevchenko 'folding fighters'.
I found a couple of other early VG patents I hope to post soon.
All best, 'Wingknut'.

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