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1 February 2006
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Don't know if this has been posted before, but Canadian company PlanetSpace (to which I am sort of connected) got the rights to the FDL-07 lifting body concept. Right now they are building what they call the Silver Dart, and it'a planned that it will form the basis of a family of launch vehicles. They're in the running for the NASA COTS (Comercial Off-The-Shelf) crew transfer contract with this system.


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Wow, it looks interesting. But COTS contractors were allready selected. At 18. August 2006 NASA announced that they ordered two solutions:

1. Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (Space-X) received 278 mil. USD for its Falcon 9 rocket and space capsule Dragon

2. Rocketplane Kistler received 207 mil. USD for its Kistler rocket, powered by four russian NK-33 engines, renamed as AJ-26 to cover its origin.
Some more images of Silver Dart are attached, from the media section of the PlanetSpace website.


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...Anyone else see a swipe of the UR-700/900 concept in that booster design?
What I see in that big bad booster is a tragic orbital solution to a novel lifting body design. The USA needed that lifting body I think the monster booster gave it a still birth. How PS chose to go with that monster booster concept in light of more cosst effective FDL-7 air breathing deeply cooled rocket concepts TU based air launch combo boggles my mind. A sad day indeed for USA manned space program when NASA failed to run with the FDL-7. I currently building a RPV air augmented FDL-7 switch blade design.
Air breathing is really really complex and expensive compared to relatively simple and established rockets.
Does anyone know what happened to the replica?

Whatever happened to the engineering mockup....According to the PlanetSpace Wiki entry, the company folded in 2013. Not a word about the mockup tho. Be a shame to see at least that bit of effort scrappped instead of saved.

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