Canadair CL-29, CL-31 and CL-33 ASW proposals


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19 May 2006
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Some years ago, I read, I think an article regarding the Canadair Argus maybe, that before it was decided to use the CL-44/Britannia airframe for the Argus, a design described as looking like a fat Lancaster powered by R-3350s, was considered. Sounds to me like it could look like a Shackleton powered by R-3350s, but has anyone seen any other info on this design. I think a CL # was mentioned as well, but I don't recall it.
Frank: that "fat Lancaster" was the CL-33 of 1953 for the RCAF's Lancaster 10MP replacement contest.

Canadair first submitted the CL-29, a stretched and re-engined North Star (with R-3350-85s, Hercules 763s, or Centaurus 661s). Both that CL-29 proposal and a Super Constellation derivative submitted by Lockheed were rejected.

The RCAF's favoured concept was a Bristol proposal to adapt the Type 175 Britannia. Other than minor concerns (like sufficient aileron control for low flying), the RCAF's major concern was the relatively-high operating costs of any Britannia derivative.

In 1953, Canadair produced the CL-33 as "a minimum cost alternative" to the Britannia-based maritime patrol aircraft. To be powered by 3,500 hp R-3350-32W (34FS) turbo-compounds, the CL-33 was to have weighed about 9,000 lbs less than the Britannia derivative.

'Canadair: the first 50 years' (Pickler/Milberry, CANAV).

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