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12 July 2006
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What was the CX-6 - a project number/designation, the abbreviation for a military cargo freighter competition or something else?

The illustration is from "Der Flieger" 2-3/1968, but I miss the details :( .
As usual, I've forgotten to attach the drawing ... sorry.


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Maybe this could be usefull:

From:Aviation Week & Space Technology ,June 24,1968.page 74.

*North American.
With extensive lift-fan transport experience dating from
before the CX-6 V/STOL transport studies,North American has evolved a concept
that could serve as a commercial VTOL transport...
The only CX-6 I could find, is this fan-in-wing model, built by
North American:
(from Aviation Week 10/65)
But it's just a model to test different wing/fan layouts, I think.


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Oops, pictures designated "Nasa" in the North American folder and the other way round ... ::)
Here's a model of a VSTOL transport with fan-in-pod design (from Aviation Week 1968 19-26) :


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In the June 24 issue of 1968 there's only text...
"In the June 24 issue of 1968 there's only text... "

Two years ago, I borrowed all issues of Avaition Week I could find in our largest
public library here and they came as very massive books. As I was in quite a hurry
to scan interesting pages, I gave the volume numbers as reference, which aren't
corresponding to the single issues, sorry. So, all I can say is, that these pictures
were shown in an issue between the 19th and 26th week of 1968 ...
North American and Boeing studied 20,000lb payload VSTOL transport configurations for the C-6A program, and North American showed an early configuration at Paris (1965?).

Flying Review International, August 1965
Hmmm interesting ... all I found so far about a C-6 is this small picture labled CX-6 !!


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Well- didn't take me long :)

Jemiba's NASA model

A North American design for the USAF C-6A , 10t V/STOL transport.
Two engines with deflected thrust in wingroot pods

(from Aviation Week1965 18-26)


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Hi all

A long time ago.....1963 ! in "aviation week and space techenologie"
I 've found this..it is an unbuild project from North American : the C 6 A.



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No problem ! Can you tell us, what the design on the lower
picture (with the four lift-fans) is ?
In the Bell papers which just display by Steve Pace ,the Bell D-2274 was
submitted to this tender,so may be it was this;


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We can say,the competitors were;

Bell D-2274
Boeing or Boeing Vertol ---?
Lockheed CL-?
North American ----?
McDonnell M-?
Ryan ----?
What made you think , that the plane in reply#21 ,is a Bell design Hesham ?
OK my dear Pometablava,

I hope to know the McDonnell proposal.
Yes , the Bell designation is mentioned indeed Hesham, but I
saw no relation the the drawing...

By the way , have you seen the customer for the
design on Steve's list.
OK my dear Lark,

we can say,also the General Dynamics/Convair submitted a proposal,but the
Bell responded about its support system study.
To conclude for the moment , it seems that for only one contender (NAA) the illustrations
are for sure...
hesham said:
We can say,the competitors were;

Bell D-2274
Boeing or Boeing Vertol ---?
Lockheed CL-?
North American ----?
McDonnell M-?
Ryan ----?

My dear Lark,

also Boeing,Lockheed and McDonnell were confirmed by Flying Review magazine,to be enter this competition.
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I have the Flying Review magazine in my (paper) collection Hesham
but I was talking about the illustrations..
From; Flugwaffe und Fliegerabwehr 1967,

here is an artist drawing to CX-6 proposal,may be it was from Fairchild and
based on C-123 ?.


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From Flyinf Review 3/1965,

here is a small info about CX-6 competition.


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here is un-cleared view to Boeing-Vertol CX-6 Proposal.



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10-Ton-Payload USAF V/STOL Studied

Paris—Boeing Co. and North American Aviation are expected to receive Air Force approval soon for detailed design studies of powerplant configurations for a proposed C-6A 10-ton-payload V-STOL transport. If approved the aircraft would be a direct follow-on to the 4-ton-payload Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142 tilt-wing aircraft now under evaluation. Powerplants to be studied include vectored- thrust, direct-lift and fans.

Current C—6A studies being conducted by Boeing and North American under separate contracts of $330.000 each are designed primarily to determine penalties that must be paid in over-all performance, range and operating costs to gain capability of vertical flight as compared with aircraft designed solely for short takeoffs and landings.

Both firms are scheduled to present their findings this week to Air Force officials at the Pentagon.

The configuration of an early North American C-6A-type design was shown at the Paris Air Show here. It now has been superseded by later designs, including study of a compound vehicle using helicopter techniques for vertical lift and those of a conventional aircraft for range and endurance.

Air Force mission requirements laid down for both companies include a stipulation that the aircraft must have ferry range of at least 2,600 mi. The high-wing model shown by North American here was to have been powered by two high-bypass-ratio. vectored-thrust powerplants, housed in pods on either side of fuselage. Power would have been augmented by direct-lift engines located in root sections of the two pods. A tilt-wing design such as that employed on the XC-l42 is not being considered for the C-6A because of additional strains that would be involved in lifting relatively heavy loads and carrying them over long distances.

Primarily, the aircraft probably would be employed to carry cargo over medium ranges in support of combat troops in the field, although there are some proponents
in the Air Force who would employ it as vehicle to make deliveries from the continental U. S. or other major supply area directly to a battle zone. Current studies by the two contractors also include investigation of safety factors, the minimum time required for the aircraft to remain in an approach stage where it would be particularly susceptible to enemy ground fire and use considerable fuel and new techniques that might be required for identifying landing zones so that pilots could recognize them in various kinds of terrain.

An official of one of the two companies says initial assessments indicate there are no significant penalties for vertical as opposed to short-takeoff flight in an aircraft such as the C-6A if pilots can be trained to make minimum approach and hover. “If he needs 2,000 ft. to make an approach, then there's no need to have a vertical capability' he added. “Then vou might just as well stick with STOL"

Aviation Week & Space Technology, June 21, 1965


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The Ryan CX-6A Proposal;



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