Bristol Buckmaster recoilless gun trials


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Feb 20, 2015
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I am researching the recoilless weapons designed by Sir Dennistoun Burney of R100 Airship fame.

Chris Barnes Putnam on Bristol Aircraft states that two Buckmasters were retained at Filton for experimental work. One of these, serial not identified, "was modified to test the Burney recoilless gun".

Tony Buttler's Brigand Warpaint refers to Buckmaster RP187 being used between May 1948 and 1950 for trials of a 4.5in recoilless gun as a jet fighter weapon which never entered service.

The Gloster Javelin was originally intended to be armed with a 4.5in recoilless gun designed by Fort Halstead.

This suggests that the weapon trialled was the Fort Halstead gun, rather than a Burney-designed weapon.

Can anyone help me out here, please?