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A photo that looks a lot like the supersonic Brahmos and a bit of a read


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sferrin said:
Did they cancel this or something? ???

No they didn't , they have asked the Government for $1.5 billion for this project and 5 years of time line to complete it.

Although Mr Pillai the CEO of Brahmos has proposed to the Government to kick the Russians out from the Hypersonic Project and feels he can deliver on his own , more on this here
I might be wrong on a lot of counts since my aerodynamic knowledge is sketchy at best...
The thing just doesn't seem optimized for hypersonic flight, aerodynamic heating prevents from kerosene being used as a propellant because all oil based hydrocarbons break down when heated.

Am I correct?
Nope. ATK has flown a hypersonic hydrocarbon-fueled vehicle (FASTT, see below) and there are lots of others in development or testing.

And of course there's no reason to suppose that the picture shown is the actual Brahmos-2 configuration--it looks very much like the current weapon.


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You can use kerosene for mach 6 sort of hypersonic stuff, its if you want to go faster that you have to switch to hydrogen for a lot of reasons.

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