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Jul 27, 2011
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OMFV needs it's own APS effective against CRAM.

In a parallel effort, Boeing experts are evaluating using SLID to protect against anti-radiation missiles, cruise missiles, and unmanned air vehicles. Also under evaluation is an extended-range SLID system concept for defending a wide spectrum of military assets from farther away than 2 kilometers.

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Jun 1, 2019
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tighten the integration of the Leclerc tank with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)... Equipped with two drones that could be controlled from inside or outside the tank, it could anticipate threats with several sensors (camera, IR sensor, laser rangefinder). Tanks would therefore be less exposed and able to easily track lurking rocketeers or hidden targets.....

Russia announced that would fit its T-14 Armata tanks with the PTERODACTYL drone, a device manufactured by the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), able to circle up to 100 metres in the air and operate almost indefinitely as it will get its power from its parent device.
A drone with elevated view of the battle space really don't have good synergy with a MBT. It is a huge waste of opportunity to have spotted a fleeting target only to lack weapon to prosecute.

What is much better is to equip tethered/organic drones with a vehicle with flexible indirect fire capability. A Gun mortar would be a neat fit for such a vehicle, and with a on drone-laser range finder (or HD mapping system) combined with FCS integration, one can fire on targets viewed from the drone view with minimum lag, and adjust for fire just as quickly, with software adjusting to track the drone aim point in real time. Tethered systems means electronics warfare is no problem for the kill chain at all. Other useful systems would be automatic grenade launchers and NLOS Missile systems.

A entire formation of gun mortars can MRSI saturate any target that is spotted by the drones, making moving at within range without top cover or sufficient firepower to suppress the drone force suicidal.

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