Boeing FTR (Future Transport Rotorcraft) concepts from 1999


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1 April 2006
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Boeing FTR (Future Transport Rotorcraft) program targets were:
- Replace aging CH-47 fleet
- Deploy Brigade from Fort to Fight in 96 hours
- Carry the Future Combat System Payload of 20 tons in a C130 size box
- Vertical Hover capability

FTR Configuration Options were:
- FTR Advanced Theater Transport (Super Frog),1990.msg16948.html#msg16948
- FTR Tandem Rotor Helicopter - predecessor of current Boeing's Advanced Tandem Rotor Helicopter
- FTR Tiltrotor
- FTR Quad Tiltrotor

Tandem Rotor Helicopter and Tiltrotor were choosen as Configuration Candidates


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The FTR (now JHL) requirements have not changed much. As the weight of the FCS has increased, the lift requirement has increased as well.
I'm wondering about the shipboard use of the FTR tiltrotor, because, AFAIK,
the high disk loading of the Osprey is a consequence of the limitation of
the overall span. A larger rotor diameter would have been prefered, but would
have caused problems on a carrier. Are these limitations obliviated for the
FTR ? ???
Indeed the original Army V-22 requirement had a larger wing and prop rotors. The USMC amid-ship island clearance requirement drove the design for shipboard operations as you indicated. The JHL is expected to be able to operate in the maritime environment. Studies are ongoing into how well the JHL will be able to work in and around a ship.

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