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9 May 2009
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Does anybody happen to know what became of the Bell "Eagle Eye" tilt rotor UAV? The USCG has put the program on hold...any other customers (I´ve heard that the USMC was interested in this design at some time).
Or has the whole project been cancelled?

Anybody who´s got the empty and gross weight of the USGC Eagle Eye?
The Federation of American Scientists page on Eagle Eye gives the following weights:

Take-Off Gross Weight 2250/1020 (lbs/kg)
Empty Weight 1300/590 (lbs/kg)
Fuel Weight 750/340 (lbs/kg)
Payload Weight 200/90 (lbs/kg)

The other dimensions given there are slightly different than those given elsewhere, so the weight may be a bit off as well, but it should be close.
Thanks for the info, but the problem ist that those are the weights for the 1998 TR-911X as far as I understand it.
I´m looking for the USCG TR-916 from 2005/6.
Seeing as there isn't a dedicated thread on the subject ((that I could find anyway)) I figured I might post this here.

A few days ago my dad showed me some pictures he took. He's an old school aviation guy, and wasn't quite sure what he'd found, but I immediately recognized as being some part of the Eagle Eye Program. We live in Northern Arkansas, and he was on his way to a bank in Batesville when he saw it. At this time, we have no idea how it ended up in the middle of almost-BFE Arkansas, or anything else. I'm guessing its either a wind-tunnel test model, or maybe a mockup used for trade shows. Though he says you can't see it from the pictures, he said the visible components were definitely not up to airworthy specs, which lead us to speculate that it must've been some sort of full size mockup. Plus, I know there were only two prototypes, one crashed and I can't imagine Bell selling the other for surplus scrap. Its a bit if an oddity, we hope to talk to the owners sometime soon. I must admit, I'd like to snag this for myself.


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