Bell D205, D216 and D216A tandem rotor projects


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26 May 2006
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I spoke before about the Bell D-216 project which was developed from
Model-61 as 25-seat commercial helicopter and powered by three turbine
engines,and there is an artist picture to it.

Source, Flightglobal


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I was hoping to find out more information on the Bell D216 design.

The Bell Aircraft Corporation are to build a 25-passenger turbine helicopter for New York Airways. The machine, to known as the Bell D216, will have twin tip-rotors and is said to be capable of reducing costs to 10 cents per seat-mile.
from FLIGHT, 6 April 1956.

An artist's impression of Bell's three-engined, 25-passenger turbine helicopter project, the D216. It will carry a maximum pay load of between 6,000 lb and 8,000 lb at 120 m.p.h. An operating cost of 10 cents per seat mile is expected.
from FLIGHT, 26 October 1956

That is all the information that I have been able to find


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Bell 216??? Hmmmm.... checking records..... nope, got nuthin.'

Well, except for all the art, drawings and photos I just posted of this to my blog....


There's about a page on it in my monograph on the HSL published by Steve Ginter. It used the HSL dynamics (rotors, transmissions, drive shafts) with a new fuselage and three turbine engines, T58s or T53s. It was similar in size to the Boeing Vertol 107 that became the CH-46. It was first proposed to the Army and then to New York Airways as a 21 to 24-passenger airliner. The Army evaluated the BV 107 and contracted for a bigger version, the CH-47. New York Airways bought a civil certified version of the H-21.
Tailspin Turtle said:
There's about a page on it in my monograph on the HSL published by Steve Ginter.

??? Monograph? What monograph?
He's talking about this one:

Nice work Tommy - ditto x 10 on your " U.S. NAVAL AIR SUPERIORITY: Development of Shipborne Jet Fighters 1943-1962" Excellent read!

Okay, what's next on your list of books to be published?!

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Thanks for the great response.

Orionblamblam will be visiting to get the data - I looked all over for this.
More pictures of the D216:


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This is the military proposal for the D-216 to the Navy. From NARA. Read from bottom up......Sorry, 5 files too big, will have to send later.


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Last of the booklet


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