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Some of the vehicles in the Battlefield 2 game look too strange to exist :eek:. But I dont really know about tanks and APCs as much as I know about helicopters. can anyone give me names of the vehicles featured in these photographs?


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This is not really on topic, Stingray. This would be better posted on another forum or "The Bar".
Sorry. I just did not know if some of these vehicles actually existed or not. I thought they were ([{- unbuilt projects -)]} that people wanted to see in a game.
Most, if not all, real and in service.

1) Hummer derivative (guy with the ATRL about to do the gunner an injury!), Mowag Eagles in background.
2) VAB, Patria Sisu or TPz-1 Fuchs
3) Unidentified 8x8 with 105mm(?) turret, not Centauro or Stryker, but there are other candidates.
4) T-series tank (T-64, T-72, T-80 or derivative)
5) M-6 Bradley Linebacker air defence vehicle (M-2 Bradley with 4 missile Stinger pod in place of the TOW pod)
6) 2S6 Tunguska air defence vehicle
7) M-551 Sheridan (all retired in the 90s)
Picture #2 is a Norinco WZ551 APC:
So, picture#2 illustrates a Chinese APC? I assumed it was Chinese by the "WZ..." part. I have seen a similar vehicle on "Red Dawn". It had missile pods though.
So, picture#2 illustrates a Chinese APC?

Yes, I only recognised it because a recce version appeared in JDW.

If you follow the links in the table at the bottom of the Wiki article, you will see there are many similar vehicles, so the prop in Red Dawn may have been one of those. The PLA APC visible differs from others by the front windows and wider "stance".

Picture 1 looks like the Fast Attack Vehicle:

I think it's been made slightly bigger in the game - the photos of the real thing show it's too small to be Hummer-derived, IMHO.

I've been trying to figure out what the tank is, but the only thing I could find was a Serbian T-72 upgrade, which has the circular devices on the side of the turret.


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