Barnes Wallis Green Lizard

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4 May 2007
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A different Green Lizard than that which appears in Derek Wood's Project Cancelled :-\


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Good find, would it have been a ring shaped intake ? Can't
imagine, how it would have fit into a gun otherwise. In "Project
Cancelled" a test vehicle is shown, which may have had such an
intake, too.
In Project Canceled the diagram shows a nose intake yet the photo seems to show a ring intake as you suggest which this one could be :-\ ???

I seem to remember a post-war gun-missile launcher developed by Vickers for naval use. This missile would seem to fit. I'll have a look for the info.
I found some stuff on it from patent no's


Explosive charge propels the missile out of the barrel where the turbine takes over and the wings swing out from the sides.


With regards to dimensions, this installation would have been roughly
equivalent to an 8in twin turret, I think. Not suitable for destroyer sized
ships ! :eek:
Almost, it was planned to replace the triple 6" turrets with this instead. I can't imagine that the missile load would be very large given the size.
What would be the minimum barrel size that could use this type of projectile and would you need a purpose built barrel or can existing guns be used?

What kind of ranges were expected for the system?
Where do the scans which open this thread come from?

I certainly think the version in Project Cancelled must have been an early drawing, as it shows the engine near the front with the grenades packed around the hot exhaust jet pipe, which can hardly have been a good idea.

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