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27 December 2005
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Avro 730 - first version


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Thanks again for these.

A daft question, but one that puzzles me about this design - where does the pilot go? Unless you're going to tell me that's a periscope in the second and third pics...?
From what I've read in British Secret Projects this project was allmost builth.
Better hope for some sort of automated landing support or else... Nice lines though.
In Derek Wood's "Project cancelled" on page 132 it is nice drawing of the periscope arrangement (only for landing). On this page is drawing of early solution with direct vision,too. But now I don't know if it is possible to scan that picture
I actually produced a 1:144 model of this plane. It was, in fact, the first kit I produced for Fantastic Plastic Models. The pattern is by Scott Lowther. It's a beautiful design.
- Allen B. Ury
Fantastic Plastic Models


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It would be interesting to see a picture of this next to something that actually got built -every picture I've seen shows it on its own, and you never really have an idea of the scale of it.
Jozef, I noticed picture 2, where they are lining up for takeoff is similar to another one you did on some soviet bomber. The landing lights in the fog are really good. You make good use of the backlit properties of viewing a picture on a screen.
In Vue Infinite I can render better natural scenes due to excellent atmosphere model (this picture was rendered in Carrara) but to render bigger pictures in Vue it is never ending story. My conclusion for next pictures is - backgrounds from Vue or photos, foreground (planes) to render in Carrara with HDRI mapped "atmopsphere".

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