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19 May 2006
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I see this mentioned here & there, mainly due to the artwork. I'm not up to par on my Cyrillic. :( Other than the interesting designs shown there, I assume these folks publish books or magazines. Most, or all, of their pubs should be quite interesting. Since they don't have an English version of their site, caould someone here be kind enough to tell me exactly what they do & if I so desired, how to acquire their publications? Thanks.
me too ::)

Thanks in advance,
Hi, Ucon,

I have try several time to register to www.avicopress.ru but it seems without success. Please can you help me.

Thanks in advance,


BTW: I wish you, and all the Russian members of the forum, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (sorry, I am one day late).
Dear Philippe!
I attentively check up all latest requests for registration and did not find yours. Would you be so kind as to do it once again? Will be happy to see you in our site.
Best regards, Ucon

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