Authenticity of Sharkit Rockets


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19 January 2008
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The kit manufacturers Sharkit have models of a Russian "Manned V2":

and "A9/A10 B-version":

How authentic are these? I've read about Korolev's thoughts on manned sub-orbital flights, but is there any actual evidence of an A9/A10 with the second stage not buried in the first stage?
Grif said:
The kit manufacturers Sharkit have models of a Russian "Manned V2":
How authentic are these?

The kit is quite unlikely, Korolev has some sketch-plan to launch a man into space atop an R missile exploting one of the "capsule" (more than an aerodynamic fairing) also utilized by dogs.
The kit is also wrong depicting the pilot seat not in the direction of motion but "head up".
Korolev knew well, even at that times, that blood would rapidly goes to legs starting in that absurd position causing a loss of couscioness (or worst) to the pilot.
I thought they looked a bit suspect. Funny thing, I recently read an old article from the "Journal of the British Interplanetary Society" with a photo of "Soviet Officers Examining Models of Long-Range Rockets", one of which is sort of an A4b on top of an A10, with the A4b's fins on either side of the nose cone. Of course, this could be a propaganda mock-up...As for the "Manned V2", wasn't Wernher von Braun once so impressed with the work of "Project Man-High" that he suggested putting a Man-High capsule atop a Redstone, which would have looked similar to this? Which is an odd suggestion, considering that von Braun would have known perfectly well about the rush of blood to the spaceman's feet - I suppose it's just an example of how "fuzzy" things can get with the passage of time.
Sincerely I think that the kit is obviously mistaken, the proof is in the original Korolev' sketches of suborbital capsules.
None of them resemble that one represented in the kit, and all of them has the cosmonaut placed in the right manner.

Korolev proposed these capsules in 1956-58, he decided to abandon the project when Politbjuro authorized him to proceed with full orbital space vehicle that later become Vostok.


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