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Australian Fleep


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Oct 30, 2011
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Does anyone know of a wartime Australian project, Project Skywards? This resulted in a rotor glider equipped jeep, dubbed the Fleep, for a proposal to airdrop jeeps via the Rotachute method. I've been aware of this since I got in the mail an Air International bound volume, Vol 9, covering issues of Air International from July, 1975 to Dec., 1975, and has been very useful. For one thing, I learned early on that not all information is on the internet. A lot, not most. Because since I read that(along with a lot of other types covered elsewhere), it helped reinforce my belief that printed matter is still important, and even more so, as more and more people abandon print media for the internet, for as each one does so, another angel dies.

Anyway, for those who are curious, having never heard of this(someone prove me a liar, please, because someone else has to know this little bit of aviation lore), here is the title and author, and where in Volume 9 it is:

"Project Skywards", by Gp Capt Keith Isaaks AFC, RAAF(Retd), starts on page 19. I found this on EvilBay, paid less than $15.00(forget if there was shipping, probably 6.00 or so). If I can scan this, and I am allowed to, I will post the pages. However, I'm not exactly blessed with complete computer literacy(it ain't an R985 on a Beaver. I'm happy fixing Cannon plugs), so I can and will mail Xerox copies. Postage won't be much, but if no one knows about this, I want to help educate them. Mebbe some 1/72 Fleeps will start showing up.

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Oct 9, 2009
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I thought we had a post or two on the Fleep around somewhere, but can't find them at the moment. Here's the thread on the Fleep's 'cousin' the Hafner Rotabuggy (originally called the Blitz Buggy).