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Australia announces the outcome of it's Frigate competition


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Aug 5, 2019
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A political decision if ever there where one, the Hunter is neither "Proven" (One of the main criteria for consideration) nor the best choice from a practical viewpoint


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Jul 4, 2010
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Welcome to the forum. GSC-A/HUNTER satisfied the RAN's requirements:
The Commonwealth is seeking the delivery of nine Ships that:

a. are based on a Military-Off-The-Shelf design with Minimum Change to reflect the
Commonwealth’s requirements and that is capable of evolving over time to
respond to the Commonwealth’s changing capability requirements and to manage
materiel obsolescence;

b. meet the requirements of the contracted Mission System Specification and the
Commonwealth's capability requirements;

c. are designed and built in accordance with a design development process,
shipbuilding strategy, production program and other project management
arrangements that represent an acceptable risk having regard to the other Project
Objectives; and

d. are supported by a mature Integrated Logistics Support program that will ensure
that that the Commonwealth's capability outcomes can be achieved.
The Aussies felt that BAE sufficiently proved the maturity of their design to meet their MOTS goal, and that having the RN program running a bit ahead of their own would reduce the likelihood of unforeseen developmental problems occurring in their hulls.

As for best choice from a practical standpoint, I'd be willing to see your thoughts as to why you don't think it rates. The reasons given by the Australian government include that it was the most capable, both generally and specifically for the ASW mission, and had the most growth margin.