Asymmetric aircraft drawings from Flight 1942


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26 May 2006
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the RAF suggested that the Blomh & Voss BV.141 asymmetric aircraft
as following in 1941.


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Three view on the right-side of the illustration
is a Curtiss-Wright design..
On 23/8/2002 Jean Christophe Carbonel published an article titled "asymétriques anglais" in Aeroforums, including an illustration on the airplane at the left. As per the German text in the magazine "Wissen und Fortschritt" it is a 1938 desing.
The address is not working anymore but the same drawing can be seen at, together with an identification attempt by myself (in my opinion, it is derived from the Miles Master with two Kestrel XXX engines),
There was also an article at Le Fanatique de l'Aviation published at a later date, including same illustration but I do not have either the number or the date in my files.
Any idea who made the depictions of the asymmetrical aircraft in the 1942 article? This illustration doesn't show the Bv 141 at all.
Click on the original link and it might tell you why... the image was space filler in response to a news item on the Bv 141 the previous week.
The caption even tells you the origin of the drawings.

The upper-left image is still a mystery. Flight seems certain it was produced by an RAF officer and even offers a specific date (10 July 1941) but JC Carbonel found evidence it may be older than that from a German source.
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