Asso 120 IRCC 40 engine


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25 July 2007
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In the DeSchelde designations thread, Lark brought up the Isotta-Fraschini Asso 120 IRCC 40 engine (as powering the projected DeSchelde S.24 and S.25 pushers).,5280.0.html

Can anyone confirm that Asso 120 IRCC 40 was an early designation for the inverted V-12 Delta R.C.35?

According to Flight Archive (14 Oct 1937), the Asso 120 IRCC 40 was 665 hp engine but gives no details of cylinder arrangement or cooling type. Flight lists a capacity of 26.685 litres (1628 cu in) -- identical to the R.C.35 IS -- and a dry weight of 1,146 lbs (520.9 kg) -- 10 kg more than the R.C.35.

An online search mostly bring up the prototype Caproni Ca.313 (a re-engined Ca.310) which reinforces the notion of a re-designated Delta R.C.35.
Yes, it is the early designation of the Delta. In the production Deltas of first series the compressor was re-tuned at 3500 meters and the power was slightly more, 700 HP at 2400 rpm at 3500 meters.

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