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APR Monthly Historical Documents Program (Blatant Self Promotion)


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Apr 5, 2006
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The "Aerospace Projects Review Monthly Historical Documents Program" is a subscription service that, for a mere pittance, provides a monthly haul of high-rez scans of documents and large format diagrams of aerospace historical interest. Formerly known as the APR Patreon, it has spread out a bit to a simple PayPal-subscription system. The APR Patreon is still running, of course, so there are two ways to sign up, both described here:

The January, 2019, rewards included:
Document: “ASTRO A Manned Reusable Spacecraft Concept,” a Douglas Missiles & Space brochure from August, 1962, describing a two-stage Shuttle-like vehicle

Document: “Status update Ramjet Propulsion 1978” a brochure from the Marquardt Company

Document: “Rocket Blitz Form the Moon” an article from the October 23, 1948 issue of “Colliers” magazine describing the use of the Moon as a missile base, with some helpful Bonestell illustrations of Manhattan getting nuked.

Diagram: A large format color scan of the 1970 North American Rockwell PD-157-17-2 HIPAAS V/STOL jet fighter

CAD Diagram: isometric view, Bernal Sphere space habitat