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Amazing What $6 Will Get You at the Swap Meet!


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Jan 16, 2008
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I found this little beauty this morning at the local swap meet. The lady in the stall sold it to me for $6.

I kept a straight face to hide my delight at a possible steal. After looking online later, I see that WW2 vintage Hellcat lighters from Hamilton do fetch a pretty penny or two, even the busted ones missing a prop blade or two like mine. I mean, I already had a clue it was vintage. The solid construction and Art Deco styling. Plus, the base said "Made in the USA" as oppposed to China. Enough said, right?

A little chrome polish had her looking good. But even though the lighter portion doesn't work, I still just happy to have this little vintage treasure for the price I paid for it. Steal indeed! :-D

I'm happy. :)


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