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Aircraft of the 'Union of Franco-Albion' 1940.



Hi folks,
I know there are threads already hereabouts about the possibility of closer Franco-British relations (even Union) as a way to halt Hitler but this one is really about the art-work by EddieKenz - a sample of which I append.
It’s not every day I come across interesting depictions of real aircraft in a counterfactual air-force so here is a sample of the Anglo-French Air Force from a (sadly imaginary) world where the ‘Union of Franco-Albion’ halted the German advance in 1940. (Pardon a personal note, but for this British person, closer Franco-British ties stopping Hitler are not only a “What if …?” but an “If only …” ‘Cheese-eating surrender monkeys’, my foot …)
Anyway, note that while some of the individual types are counterfactual, I think some are counterfactual modifications of real types and others seem to be real types in counterfactual colours (with counterfactual names too) – for an example of the latter, see attached: Martin Baker MB 2 ‘Faversham Mk 1a’.
Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/JG-Faversham-Mk-Ia-Fighter-509247706

And while I’m here: “Proposed Anglo-French Union issue (1940)
Following the outbreak of the Second World War, and the resulting greater co-operation between Britain and France, there were many calls for a joint stamp issue, perhaps a stamp valid in either nations or a common design.”

All best, 'Wingknut'


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Bill Walker

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Feb 13, 2012
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I picture an aircraft combining the best of British 1940s reliability with the best of French pre-war aesthetics. I am left speechless.