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Air-Launched Switchblade UAV?


Big Wingy Thingy
Jul 15, 2018
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There's a complex story behind this notion but I'll ignore it.

I recently noticed that the Northrop Switchblade's concept model has somethings parallel to the Lockheed Minion - variable-sweep wings, top-mounted intake...well, I guess that's as far as it goes, really.

But still, with that lack of vertical tail, wouldn't it be fairly easy to give it modifications for air launch? Was Northrop maybe just bringing up the manned version to fool us into thinking no drones of it existed? And how often does that actually happen?

EDIT: Inspecting the total width more, it seems unlikely this would make a decent "reusable cruise missile". But I'm still curious how often corporations make manned aircraft models to hide the fact they're making unmanned ones.