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17 August 2006
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My friend told me, a F-16 could carry Patriot missile? Who can prove or disprove this? :-\
There is a program looking at fitting fighters with Patriot (Air-Launch Hit-to-Kill). Its a funded study ($2 million, possible $3 million extra study) looking at the feasibility and usefulness of such a development.

It isn't in service, isn't expected in service any time soon.
Somebody posted this on another forum.


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OK, I can imagine sized-down PAC-3 on F-15, but hardly can fit it to Falcon with all my weird imagination...

Lockheed Martin Insights ONLINE
First Quarter 2007 Volume 4 • Number 1

Study of Air-Launched PAC-3 Missile Continues

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has agreed to continue a Lockheed Martin study of the company’s Air-Launched
Hit-to-Kill initiative, which would enable fighter aircraft to carry and launch Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles to
intercept hostile ballistic and cruise missiles.
Envisioned to protect the U.S. from missile threats, an air-launched PAC-3 missile could also be used to defend
deployed forces.
The study will enhance the concept of operations for launching the PAC-3 from tactical fighter aircraft, in preparation
for a demonstration of the capability. PAC-3 missiles would provide fighter jets the ability to defeat cruise missiles and
intercept ballistic missiles in asymmetric defense and boost phase applications.
The initial operational concept would fit in with North American Air Defense operational architecture, fielded at first on
F-15C fighter aircraft. Future spiral development plans may aim to equip other aircraft with the capability.
No other theater air defense missile can match the PAC-3 missile in its ability to defeat the entire Patriot threat. It is
the most advanced and capable hit-to-kill interceptor in the Patriot missile system.

Meantime, coward Australians dream of bunch of UCASs armed with up to 6 ALHTK PAC-3s each...


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"sized-down PAC-3"? The PAC-3 in question (the one for the Eagle) would be a full-sized PAC-3. There is no down-sized version of the PAC-3. As for Patriot on an F-16 it could be that the guy is confusing a picture of the F-16 with a T-16 as the F-16 being able to carry Patriot.

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