AFRL Responsive Open Source Engine


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Sep 6, 2006
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The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has designed, built and tested an “open source” jet engine in 13 months.
The Responsive Open Source Engine was built by the Aerospace Systems Directorate and is the AFRL's first jet turbine to be designed, assembled, and tested in-house.
There are no technical details on the engine or the design and manufacturing process, but it seems to be a small engine intended for UAV or cruise missile applications. They are aiming to cut the development cost of small jets by up to 75. The AFRL is planning to invest up to $725 million into its Advanced Turbine Technologies for Affordable Mission programme between 2018-2026.
Testing of the first engine will further inform a smaller and lighter second engine, which they hope to produce in less time.

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