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Aeronautical Syndicate Ltd (ASL) Valkyrie

Grey Havoc

The path not taken.
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Oct 9, 2009
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This canard pusher was designed by Horatio Barber and built by his Aeronautical Syndicate Ltd from 1910. Intended to be used as a trainer at the ASL flying school originally: the first company to occupy the historic Hendon Aerodrome. The original Valkyrie had a 35hp Green C4 engine, mounted just in front of the wing leading edge, driving a pusher propeller. Other examples could carry two people or even three people and had a 50hp Gnome rotary engine. They’re considered a handful in flight. A dozen were produced, the last one in early 1912.
Its main claim of fame was that on 4 July 1911 a Valkyrie piloted by Barber carried a box of “Osram” light bulbs from Shoreham to Hove (circa 15 miles); Britain’s first commercial air cargo flight.

Pretty awesome machine & photo. A three-seater here.

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