Aeroelektromach (Aeroelektromash) R-34 Helicopter


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Jan 28, 2008
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The Heli-Russia 2019 show daily reported on a new ultra-light co-axial helicopter built in Kumertau by the Moscow based firm of Aeroelecktromash , developed by with assistance from OKB Rotor and designated the R-34. Apparently it had started flight testing in 2019 and development envisaged included a fully electric version as well as an unmanned variant.

According to Aeroelectromach "The R-34 has been built to a patented design of a coaxial helicopter and is the most compact, efficient, and low-noise aircraft in its class. The helicopter is equipped with a 130 hp gasoline engine Rotax 915. The AC design features hingeless suspension of blades, a composite torsion, and a parachute rescue system."

Also on display at HeliRussia 2019, “Aeroelektromach for the first time presented a full-scale prototype of electric motor ВД-25000 designed for driving aircraft airscrews. The motor is based on the converter-fed motor with permanent magnets. Its rated power is to be equal to 25 kW (34 hp), with nominal rotation speed making approximately 2500 rpm ".

The article quoted the company as Aeroelectromash but the sign and handout said Aeroelectromach. They specialise in the production of aviation electric motors and components, as used in the German RotorSchmiede VA-115 ultralight.

Rotor Diameter: 6.3 m
Engine: 1 x 130 hp Rotax 915
Empty Weight: 280 kg
Max Take-off Weight: 550 kg
Maximum Speed: 170 km/h
Cruise Speed: 110-140 km/h
Rate of Climb: 5.5 metres per second
Service Ceiling: 4,500 m
Range: 500-600 km

Heli-Russia Show Observer Issue 1 (16 May 2019)


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