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'Aerei nella Storia' N. 82


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Sep 9, 2008
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Dear friends,
as always a bit late, I would introduce ‘Aerei nella Storia’ # 82 (February 2012) that I would judge as quite interesting.
The first article, by Santiago Rivas, recalls the unfortunate use of the Fiat G.55 Centauro fighters in Argentina.
The second main story concerns dogfights during the Battle of Kursk, finally, with some illustrations of Soviet planes and not only Germans ones!
An article I wrote with passion is about the IMAM Ro.57 twin-engined fighter-bomber, an airplane which has not so often described.
Another issue is about the unusual high altitude British fighters, mainly Westland Welkin and Vickers Mayfly.
Most interesting of all is probably an in-depth feature on the project Caproni Trigona and its engines.
There is also a "divertissement" on the possible Israeli use of the Me 262 from Czechoslovakia: is a history that I don't endorse but it is nice to speak of.
The last artiche, by my son Alberto, concerns a little known and only recently declassified matter: the quasi-war between Italy and Yugoslavia during early fifties to retake control of the Free Territory of Trieste.
At last we had the opportunity to deal with themes somewhat different from the usual!
Good reading