a new Russian gas-turbine locomotive using the same engine as the Tupolev Tu-160


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25 June 2009
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The GT1 is a new Russian dual-section freight locomotive of 2 (Bo-Bo-Bo) axle arrangement, with a total weight of 300 tonnes and a service speed of 100 km.h. The prime mover is a two-shaft gas turbine developed by SNTK Kuznetsov from the NK-321 turbofan that powers the Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber. Rail power is 8,3MW. Tankage is provided for 17 tonnes of fuel, enough for a 750km trip, but the engine can also run on LNG. Tranmission is AC/asynchronous. Up to 3 GT1s can work as multiple units. The locomotive is developed on behalf of the Russian railway system RZD by Voronezh Locomotive Plant under supervision of the All-Russian Research and Design Institute of Technology (VNIKTI) in Kolomna. RZD have a plan to purchase up to 100 GT1s for heavy freight train haulage on non-electrified lines, in replacement of older diesel locomotives, if the evaluation currently underway with the GT1-001 prototype since 2007 (and during which it has pulled consists up to 15 000 tonnes and 159 wagons) proves successful.


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bevare of our locomotives!
any detail on weapons suite?
Re: a new Russian gas-turbine locomotive using the same engine as the Tupolev Tu

How fast was it going with the 15,000 tons?
I don't know. Trials started with 3000 tonnes, then 11 000 tonnes (120 cars) etc., before the one I mentionned. Please note those are SI tonnes, as legal in Russia, not tons.
Call that a gas-turbine powered locomotive???

THIS is a gas-turbine powered locomotive!!!!!! ;D ;)

from 'B-36 Photo Scrapbook', Dennis R.jenkins et al,



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Was there ever an idea dumb enough that one side said to the other "you can have that one"? (Russian jet train on the right.)


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Technically, neither was a locomotive; both were railcars. NYC's M-497 "Black Beetle" was a Budd RDC-3 railcar (with GM bus engines and transmissions ; they were kept and ran to power the auxiliaries). It had a long career as a railcar, before being fitted with those two GE J-47-19 engines, and after they were removed (delivered 1953, stricken 1977). The Soviet experiment used the control unit of an ER-22 elektrishka EMU, fitted with two Ivchenko AI-25 engines borrowed from a Yak-40.
NYC had initially planned to use a Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop borrowed from a Vickers Viscount (which would have been a logical evolutionnary step from Flugbahn-Gesellschaft mbH Schienenzeppelin, which had a propeller driven by a piston engine).
Anyway, those two GE J-47 engines found a new role after the M-497 experiment and ended has rail jet snow-blowers/melters.


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