9th Dec 09: The History of UK Vertical Take-Off Aircraft

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16 September 2006
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4th Arnold Barks Memorial Christmas Lecture. "The History of UK Vertical Take-Off Aircraft"

This year's Arnold Barks Memorial Lecture will be given by John Farley AFC, the famous Harrier test pilot, who will track the history of UK vertical take-off aircraft from start to finish. As normal, the lecture will be preceded by tea/coffee from 6.30pm and followed by a high quality drinks and canapes reception afterwards. Tickets are available at £10 each.

Put on by the Salisbury branch of the IMechE.

Date: 09/12/2009
Time: 1830 - 2200
Salisbury Arts Centre

More details here.
A couple of years ago (?) I went to a similarly titled RAeS lecture by J.F. at the Cosford museum. It was VERY good. Highly informative and funny. Heartily recomended.

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