north american rockwell

  1. 7

    Boeing & North American Rockwell "Windjammer"SSTO

    The other day I was looking at some space proposals from the past and I stumbled upon this beautiful SSTO. I have only been able to find one source that gave some details about it and I'm very much hoping that you guys can help get more details/drawings on this proposal. "The ”Windjammer”...
  2. Triton

    Rockwell B-1 Lancer

    1/60-scale Rockwell International B-1B found on eBay. URL:
  3. flateric

    Full-scale B-1A '2D Mock-up'

    Quite a little known fact that in order to save money and meantime to demonstrate its proposal to Air Force Source Selection Board members, NAR has built full-scale B-1A '2D Mockup' (with a significant use of Kodak equipment). Mock-up was completed just in 3 days. Source: Kodak Studio Light...
  4. flateric

    B-1A/B help needed

    If someone happy to have hi-res version of these North American Rockwell PR drawings (NA-73-400, Rev 9-83), I would be very obliged for sharing them with me. Thank you.
  5. D

    North American Aviation NA/NR series...

    As we know: Fokker Atlantic----General Aviation------North American Aviation.... General Aviation(ex-Fokker) GA-15-----NA-15 General Aviation(ex-Fokker) GA-16-----NA-16 NA-15---------XO-47,observation aircraft NA-16---------trainer aircraft NA-17--------- ...
  6. D

    North American Rockwell NA-335 fighter project (to USAF FX requirement)

    Are these renders of Rockwell FX proposal correct? I ask it because I have never seen a 3 view of that proposal. (this topic was already partially tried here but the forum interfaz recommends me to begin a new topic due to the...