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  1. hesham

    Junkers Ju 287, Developments, Projects and Prototypes

    Hi, The previous really picture was for EF-131 V2 six engined bomber, and a drawing to it with wind-channel model.
  2. Data Merchant

    information about Mitsubishi 1MT

    Im having hard time at finding more information about this Triplane torpedo bomber. I checked wikipedia in all languages and some web sites. All I need are; - Picture of the cockpit - Spesifications and more technical information about 12-cylinder water cooled 450 hp W12 Napier Lion engine -...
  3. Antonio

    US Bombers

    North American Aircraft 1934-1998 Volume 1 Norm Avery ISBN 0-913322-05-9 North American Model NA-98X Super Strafer Early in 1944, the USAAF requested NA for an advanced B-25 development powered with Pratt&Whitney R-2800-51 engines and specially suited for the high speed strafer role with the...
  4. V

    Boeing Model 404 flying wing bomber project

    Does anyone have drawings or specs of the Boeing Model 404 flying wing bomber? I just wanted to ask because I saw the designation in the Boeing model numbers list and the Model 404 had the same number of engines as the XB-35 and Consolidated Flying wing design.
  5. Maveric

    Douglas Designations

    Hi all, I search for a list of Douglas designation! Can anybody help? PLEASE!!!! Servus Maveric