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  1. blackkite

    Blackburn B-54

    Hi Blackburn B-54 and B-88 shipborne, anti-submarine aircraft, Fairey Gannet competitor. "The first design in this series was the Blackburn B54 or YA5. This type was designed around the proposed Napier Double-Naiad turbo-prop...
  2. J

    Blackburn B-37 Firebrand

    Blackburn B-37 Firebrand
  3. J

    Blackburn B-44

    Blackburn B-44 When Allies decided to counterattack in the Pacific, they had to face the fact that airborne operations depended on the availability of landing strips and that most of them –along with the islands where others might be built- where in Japanese hands. It proved to be very costly...
  4. steelpillow

    Cirrus aero engines

    The ADC Cirrus was the first reliable and affordable aero engine and together with the de Havilland Moth, in the mid-1920s it created the golden age of private flying. It was also the first of the mass-produced small air-cooled four-cylinder inline light aircraft engines. And it has a curious...
  5. blackkite

    Blackburn civil transport project.

    Hi! Blackburn B.70 transport project for B.O.A.C. and B.65 transport...
  6. P

    US financial support for Blackburn Buccaneer??

    G'day fellow forum members. I'm trying to find information pertaining to the Blackburn Buccaneer's development being financially supported by US money. I read it in a credible book many years ago about the Blackburn Buccaneer, but haven't been able to find the book nor title. Any help in finding...
  7. M

    Hawker Siddeley « Buccaneer »

    Just wondered why this amazing aircraft doesn't enjoy such a reputation as compared to TSR2? Thinking back to the sixties would it not have made sense to take up the Yorkshire suggestion rather than one from a neighbouring county? After all a supersonic Bucc would have saved developmental...
  8. H

    Blackburn B.29

    Anyone have a three view drawing of the Blackburn B.29 torpedo bomber? prior posting:,4519.msg35771/topicseen.html#msg35771
  9. saturncanuck

    Blackburn B.20

    Hey all, remember the Blackburn B.20 with the retractable hull? Anyone seen any good pics of her?
  10. hesham

    Blackburn B-40

    Hi, the Blackburn B-40 was improved version of the B-20 with Bristol Centaurus Radial engines,and twin tail fins.
  11. hesham

    Original Blackburn Buccaneer

    Hi, here is the original Blackburn Buccaneer aircraft from Flightglobal.
  12. hesham

    Blackburn B-49 Flying Boat Project

    Hi, the Blackburn designed the B-49,a 138-ton six engined flying boat.
  13. M

    Blackburn B.44

    Does anyone have any information, pictures etc... of the Blackburn B.44 float fighter. I have British Secret Projects, and there is limited information in the back. Does anyone have anything further? Thank you, DJM