1. Oberon_706

    Could HMAS Australia have been saved from scrapping ?

    Re: Australia and the WNT - please see link below; https://www.navy.gov.au/history/feature-histories/loss-more-symbolic-material According to the Author, the government of Australia (if it chose) could likely have won excemption and retained HMAS Australia as an “Armoured Cruiser”. As others...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Blackburn Sidecar

    View: https://www.reddit.com/r/WeirdWings/comments/ll3dyh/blackburn_were_not_known_for_designing_pretty/ https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/blackburn-sidecar
  3. EbalMamku666

    Did Austria have own fighter projects or prototypes after WWI?

    So, Austrians had Italian fighters Fiat CR.32 but why they didn't decide to develop their own fighters? Here's the pic of an Austrian CR. 32
  4. Tzoli

    Amagi and Akagi Carrier Preliminaries

    Not long ago I've finished drawing the various Amagi/Akagi carrier designs I've found in the Hiraga archive. So I post them here now: Amagi Aircraft Carrier Preliminary Design 1 https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Amagi-Aircraft-Carrier-Preliminary-Design-1-827366018 This is something...
  5. P

    Admiralty 1920's 'Hornet' guided ground to air missile system

    Indeed, despite the Admiralty’s efforts to ridicule Trenchard’s claims, they were very worried about what the torpedo-bomber might mean for the future of their capital ships. During the 1920s they would go to great lengths to improve air defence, including, with the Hornet programme, an attempt...
  6. hesham

    Svenska Aircraft List

    Hi, the Swedish company Svenska Aero Aktiebolaget was formed in 1921 to build some Heinkel aircraft and its own designs,in 1931 liquidated and taken over by the Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna,AB,and in 1939 the company merged with Svensak Aeroplan AB to create SAAB. Heinkel HE 1...
  7. hesham

    US Transatlantic Giant Flying Boat,on Aero Digest of 1926

    Hi, here is a US transatlantic flying boat project,it had a tandem three wing,it appeared in Aero Digest,maybe in 1926,but it was familiar to me,do we make a discussing about it before ...
  8. Tzoli

    Interesting Japanese Cruiser-Carrier Hybrid

    I've recently found this pretty interesting Japanese Project at the Hiraga Archive. It looks like a hybrid cruiser-carrier warship from 1920's era. There seems to be a few variants mostly by how large the hanger should be and where to locate the conning tower and AA guns. Apart from the unique...
  9. Tzoli

    10.000ton Myoko type Cruiser

    I've found calculations for a 10.000ton cruiser in the Hiraga archives. What is unique about this vessel that it would carry 4 triple 20cm heavily armoured gun turrets, though calculations shows quad turrets were considered as well, but it is unknown if it would carry the same number of such...
  10. hesham

    Dobkeviciaus I & III touring and fighter aircraft

    Hi, the Lithuanian designer Dobkeviciaus designed Type I as a single seat touring aircraft, and developed it into Type III,as a single seat fighter; http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k6556089d/f2.image http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,6943.msg59364.html#msg59364
  11. Tzoli

    The Cockatoo Heavy Cruiser

    From the page 80 of the book: Cockatoo Island: Sydney's Historic Dockyard: http://books.google.hu/books?id=1ulc79wlY54C&printsec=frontcover&hl=hu#v=onepage&q=cruiser&f=false These cruisers are designed by Cockatoo Island naval Dockyards in 1924 and Vickers in 1929. They resemble a...
  12. AF

    Max Valier - Concepts and Proposals

    Hello in old book shop i found book from 1930s and there is pic of Max Valier rocket plane type 2 --- it is Junkers G -31 with 4 valier rocket engines. So scan of this pic you have in attachment :) (i think there are not problems with copyright so scan is in better resolution - i hope it is...
  13. hesham

    PWS & PZL Projects

    Hi, The PZL Foka was twin boom single seat lightweight fighter project and powered by one pusher engine,it was abandoned in favour of PZL-45. PWS Z-17 was single seat fighter project developed to replace PZL-7. PWS Z-18 was single seat fighter project developed to replace PZL-11c.