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  1. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    Hi, The Bertin HB-12 was a project of large version of HB-11 powered by three General Electric J85 engines.
  2. T

    US military STOL with Bertin Variflux wing

    In the magazine "Science & Vie", Hors Série "Aviation 73", is presented the Bertin Variflux device, to have engine exhaust blowing the wing into lift. An American derivative is presented, designed (before 1974) by Bell according to the caption, but the shape reminds Vought projects, no ?
  3. Jemiba

    Jean Bertin Projects

    Here's a drawing of the HB 11 (Hurel-Bertin, as developed in co-operation with Maurice Hurel), progenitor of the HB 12 and two other Bertin VTOL projects based on Bertins Variflux principle.
  4. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    From Aviation magazine 1963, a clearer view to Bertin VTOL Project,but note the rear wing was highest a little than the Model in older picture ?.
  5. hesham

    Very early French helicopters: Santos-Dumont, Bréguet, Cornu...

    Hi, here is a two pictures to a Leonce Bertin helicopter of 1908.
  6. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    From Ali Nuove 2/1961, here is a Bertin HB.11.
  7. overscan (PaulMM)

    Jean Bertin article on Cygne and other heavy aircraft concepts of 1970s

    Contrary to Hesham's post, this is actually a translation of an article by Jean Bertin of Societe Bertin & Cie about his Cygne 10 and Cygne 14 designs. The Lockheed and Boeing designs are used in the article as illustrations of similar concepts. Translation of "Une nouvelle aviation de tranport...
  8. hesham

    BTZ VTOL Projects

    Hi, I read before about this BTZ,it was related to Bertin ,am I right ?.
  9. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    From Pegase 2006, it's first time to hear about Bertin HB-10 ?.
  10. S

    French Aerotrain

    The Aerotrain was the brainchild of Bertin, a French engineer who also did some aviation-related work (search for the keywords "Bertin" and "Aladin" on this very forum). Several dozen miles of the concrete structure meant for the Aerotrain's tracks still exist to this day. I used to look at it...
  11. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    From Ailes 22/9/1961, here is a Bertin P.99 VTOL aircraft,with Info about P.100.
  12. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    Hi, for Bertin Aladin IIA,please see; http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,872.msg24624.html#msg24624
  13. Jemiba

    Jean Bertin Projects

    The principle to achieve STOL via the redirected slipstream of the engines was the same, I think, and at least for several VTOL designs there was aclose collaboration between Breguet and Bertin.
  14. Jemiba

    1956 Republic fighter by Alexander Kartveli

    The profile of the fuselage looks similar to the Bertin 8 D.V.1 design and at the extreme tail, puffer jets seem to be visible. Would they be needed for STOL, or maybe its a VTOL/VSTOL design ?
  15. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    From Icare 1973, here is a number of Bertin VTOL Projects,the No.3 & No.5 is new,and the picture "A" is a co-operation between him and Bell company,as we knew before,CTA.
  16. fightingirish

    Jean Bertin Projects

    Jean Bertin (* September 5th, 1917 in Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines, Département Yonne; † December 1975 in Neuilly-sur-Seine) was a French Aviation Engineer. He studied at École polytechnique & at the École supérieure de l'aéronautique (SUPAERO). His name is famous with the hovercraft train...
  17. Arjen

    French Secret Projects 3

    I would be very interested in a book about Jean Bertin's Aérotrain projects, or indeed any other French hovercraft projects.
  18. Jemiba

    French VSTOL concepts

    Here's the Bertin ADAV design , no designation given by Cuny. For the Nord designs, wait for hte July Le Fana issue ... ;) Just as a clue (and because it's hopefully not used there) and old drawing, please don't laugh ! :-\
  19. hesham

    Jean Bertin Projects

    the Bertin Aladin IIA short range 90/100 silent STOL transport aircraft project. http://www.flightglobal.com/PDFArchive/View/1971/1971%20-%200862.html
  20. fightingirish

    Jean Bertin Projects

    Damm, I did type the words "Bertin" & "Aladin" into the search machine, before starting this new topic. Somehow I did't get any results. Over the weekend I will translate and sum up the Flug-Revue article from June 1971. Jemiba, in that article the Breguet 940/941 is also mentioned.