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A list of Beriev-related topics on this forum. All topics in the Postwar Aircraft Projects section except where indicated:

* EARLY PROJECTS: Beriev B-10 fighter project
* Beriev Be-1 Gidrolet ("hydroplane")
* AEROSPACE: Beriev Be-8 flying boat (NATO: "Mole")
* Beriev Be-16 heavy transport project (1959-60)
* Beriev Be-18 flying boat
* Beriev Be-26 ASW amphibian
* Beriev Aerobus Be-30A small jet transport
* Beriev Be-32 VTOL and STOL projects
* AEROSPACE: Beriev A-60 ('1A', '1A2') airborne laser lab
* Beriev Be-101 light amphibian aircraft
* Beriev Be-112
* Beriev Be-114
* Beriev Be-132MK
* Beriev A-150
* Beriev Be-310
* Beriev Be-2500 Neptun super-heavy amphibian cargo aircraft
* Beriev Be-5000 sea-launcher ekranoplan
* Beriev P-10B
* Beriev LL-600 strategic bomber/transport seaplane project
* Titan ASW project from Beriev (1974)
* Beriev Printsessa : Fate of a Russian "Princess"
* Beriev flying boat and amphibian projects
* Beriev S-13: a Soviet copy of the Lockheed U-2
* New Beriev TANTK carrier-based AEW project
* BOOKSHELF & MARKETPLACE: Books on Beriev aircraft

Great work Stargazer,

and here is the Be-2500-2 as space launcher aircraft;


--- Quote from: Stargazer2006 on December 26, 2012, 10:34:33 am ---I have reorganized the Beriev topics a bit.

After updating my Beriev list I remain puzzled by some of hesham's designations in the first post:

* Be-14
* Be-976
* M-62
* S-13I would appreciate any info and picture for these!

--- End quote ---

Hi Stargazer,

Be-14 was all-weather day/night SAR version,one aircraft was built.
M-62  was the VVA-14 alternative name.
Be-676,Be-776,Be-976 and Be-1076


--- Quote from: hesham on December 26, 2012, 04:16:09 pm ---Be-676,Be-776,Be-976 and Be-1076

--- End quote ---

Ah! But hesham, you must be careful about these. Nowhere it is said that these carry a "Be-" designation!

They are "Izdeliye-" numbers, or "Article" numbers, refering to specific test aircraft.


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