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USAF FAST/RBS Reusable Booster System programs

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From January 11, 2009 Defense News - (excerpt from the hard copy) - " RBS (reusable booster system) equipped with boostback capability, such as the one recently tested in Arnold Engineering Development Center wing tunnel facilities........"

Any ideas what this system might be or look like? Sorry for the paucity of information.

This maybe?,6230.msg80401.html#msg80401

If yes, mods please merge.

real shapes of LM's FAST

What's the source on that?


--- Quote from: CFE on April 06, 2009, 09:52:50 pm ---"Hangar 18" was never a hangar, but just another building.  During the mid-40's it was used for cold-soak testing of radial engines.  Building 23 was a small hangar at one point, but that's another story.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, not Wright-Patt. DET 3 is in Nevada. Hangar 18 there is a large, tall hangar that there has always been a lot of speculation about. The number is just a coincidence, it was built after the Wright-Patt rumors as far as I know. Part of Hangar 18 is storage for old projects, that section of the hangar is called "Dyson's Dock" and access is severely restricted. This is where TACIT BLUE lived for some time. TACIT BLUE was moved out and given to the AF museum because Dyson's Dock was well over capacity.


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